We are looking for highly motivated
and talented AI researchers and
engineers to make CLOVA a globally
recognized AI platform.

NAVER CLOVA Open Positions : AI Researcher, AI Developer (regular & intern)

Proven for AI research competitiveness and technology at the global top-tier AI conference, NAVER CLOVA is waiting for more colleagues to challenge themselves on a journey to bring positive change and add more value in the lives of people through AI technology.

CLOVA & NAVER AI LAB introduction

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  • Speech Recognition
  • Research on voice synthesis and avatar generation
  • R&D of computer vision & NLP
  • CLOVA Vision Kit
  • R&D of hyperscale multimodal, time series, and shopping modeling
  • Language model research and conversation system development
  • HCI x AI
  • AI assistant platform development
  • Development of NSML (ML research platform)
  • Automatic model training system development using AutoML
  • Service development based on CLOVA AI/ML
  • HyperCLOVA Engineering
  • Document Intelligence
  • Large-scale data platform development for machine learning
  • Hyperscale AI model learning/serving system building and operation

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We create various services and products that provide practical value to our users and discover various business opportunities with others using the AI technology of CLOVA. And we look forward to welcoming those who are willing to challenge the new domains that have never been discovered before with us.

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